Justin Siddons

I was born in Florida but now I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I ended up married to my little sisters' art teacher. We are now the proud parents of three children, Imogen Frank, Escher Wayne and Tinker Sandor.

I'm a product designer for Blackbox, a Cards Against Humanity Company. We build tools for independent artists & creators to manage and grow their small businesses so that they can focus on doing what they love: creating.

I also founded and operate a clothing company called Shycog out of my basement. Fueled by my love for my city and my bicycle, this venture is just getting started.

Keeping a diary as I drink every root beer in the world. Cheers! Root Beers Tumblr

Fun Facts

  • I had a southern accent when I was young.
  • I attended 8 different schools from kindergarten to high school.
  • The rapper Fat Joe once told me he looked like a monkey.
  • I'm the oldest of 6 children.
  • I've designed a football for the Super Bowl, twice.


I played guitar in a post-rock band, Eschatol, and our album is righteous. You can hear our music on Spotify.

I designed a font called Codex for the Avondale Type Co. name your price!

I sat court-side at the Bulls game and my Bon Jovi dance moves got me on the Jumbotron. Seriously, YouTube that shit.